Fact Sheet

Nick Heckman @AuraTummyache
Chris Gray @rbtgfd
Release Date
(Early Access) Q1 2023
(Full) Q4 2024

Game Description

You are a new graduate of the Craftsman's Guild, an organization devoted to ensuring the mechanical prosperity of every town and city in the country. Craftsmen are tasked with repairing machinery, supplying furniture, and generally maintaining the infrastructure of small towns and large cities alike by fulfilling the requests of its citizens.

You've been assigned to Gear Springs, a quaint little village out in the mountains. Normally, this would be a very exciting moment in your life, but you're unsure of how to feel. Gear Springs seems like a nice place, but rumor has it that something terrible happened in the town and the last Craftsman disappeared.

Oh well, it's too late to change your mind now. The train is already charging towards your new home.


The Last Craftsman is a life-sim game that started development in late 2021. It started as a solo project developed entirely by Nick Heckman and then Chris Gray jumped in to offer his musical skills.


  • Explore the cozy little town of Gear Springs. Interact with and get to know over 20 villagers with unique personalities and storylines.
  • TLC's unique item tags turns every objective into a scavenger hunt. Each item has dozens of purposes, giving players immense freedom in how they progress.
  • Explore the ancient ruins South of town, collecting punch cards, creating new decks, and using them to battle defective automatons.
  • Many different options for furniture, wallpaper, and flooring to transform your dumpy workshop into a home.
  • Players can automate certain crafting steps to create mini-factories.

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Assets [ Download .zip]

A package of images and sprites that can be freely used for videos, streams, or any other user content.


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